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Social media services

Social media services

Social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. play important roles in growing your business. Social media tools are essential tools in driving sales, creating brand awareness, driving traffic to your business, organizing marketing campaigns, etc.

However, it takes the right skill and expertise in harnessing the power of social media tools in promoting your brand and growing your business.

Our social media team are experts in deploying social media tools and automation tools to:

  • Create more awareness and generate more leads for your brand
  • To develop marketing strategies unique for your business growth
  • Create advertisement strategies
  • Engaging your audience and knowing the needs of the market
  • Generating more traffic to your website.

Our social media services include the following:

  • Facebook marketing to reach over 2 billion active Facebook subscribers
  • Instagram marketing using pictures and videos to expose your product and brand to more than a billion Instagram users
  • Twitter marketing to reach out to over 330 million users cut across diverse age group
  • LinkedIn marketing service to target over 500 million professionals with your product and brand
  • Use of automation tools to generate more leads and drive organic traffic

Our social media strategy

Our social media team does not just offer you any social media services; they take into account several factors before doing so. Below are some of the social media strategies we employ to provide you with the best in social media services.

  • Use of a specific social media network: to determine what social media works best for you, our social media team usually requests a brief from you as well as interview you on your best social media network. With such information, we can determine the type of social media network that works best for you, your clients’ most used social media network, and the social network that drives traffic to your site.
  • Content strategy: in creating a content strategy for your business, we research your audience, the relevant social keywords to use, social media analysis, and the best type of social media content. Based on this research, we can draw out a detailed strategy that covers such elements as an editorial calendar you can follow. We also go the extra step of helping you carry out your strategy to achieving your goals.
  • Profile creation and branding: our social media team helps you get started on social media networks, and guide you on how to get the best out of the social media networks.
  • Content creation: We create engaging social media content that broadcasts your messages to the farthest reaches. Our social media team are experts at deploying tools like images, texts, and videos adapted to each social network in spreading your messages. In doing so, we use creative strategies to make our content engaging and also offer value to your clients.
  • Publishing: consistency in content publishing is vital in reaching out to your audience. We help you deploy various automation tools to schedule your publishing for regular time intervals.

Scheduled automated content publishing to regular time intervals e.g., daily, once in two days, etc. builds confidence in your brand and also saves you time, energy, and resources. Our goal is to ensure simplicity in social media management while also using it as a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

  • Audience research: we research your audience to know who your audiences are, their needs, interest, and behaviours to ensure the success of your brand. We also research your key competitors, their strengths and weaknesses to keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Campaign tools: social media is a powerful campaign tool in reaching out to the target audience. We work with you to determine the best social media tool and the strategies to employ in ensuring the success of your social media marketing campaigns.