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Ebook writing services

Ebook writing services

Ebook is a powerful marketing tool for reaching out to your audience. Ebook is your brand’s most reliable chance of exposure to your audience.

Ebooks are not just marketing tools; they are an excellent tool for conveying your ideas, knowledge, and inspiration to the world.

Your Ebook’s chances of success depend on the quality of its contents and the uniqueness of its design in captivating the right audience.

Let our team of professional Ebook writers handle your Ebook from conception to finishing. Our Ebook writing services include the following:

  • Ebook conception and creation in any topic of your choice
  • Top-class editing and proof-reading
  • Well formatted contents and writing style
  • Customized cover design by our in-house expert graphics design team

Our ebook team

Our ebook team consists of experts with years of experience as ebook writers. They have written ebooks for clients that eventually ended up on bestseller lists.

Our ebook team creates ebooks in the name of the client, giving the client 100% ownership and copyrights.

ebook niche

we write ebooks covering a wide variety of niche, some of which include:

·         Health, medical and fitness

·         Education

·         Insurance

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Marketing

·         Sports and athletics

·         CPAs

  • Law
  • Lifestyle
  • Linguistics

·         Nutrition and diet

·         Religion

·         Automobile

  • Parenting
  • Personal Finance
  • Pets & Animals

Our requirements

The brief we require from you in creating a successful ebook includes a brief outline of the Ebook, questionnaire, and a short interview with you to give us a perfect picture of your dream ebook.

The ebook writing process

·         Information gathering: in this stage, we use information gathered from you to create strategies of delivering to you your dream ebook.

·         Drafting and approval: using the collected details, we create a draft copy of the first chapter of your Ebook and forward it to you for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the first chapter, we proceed and work on other chapters using similar tones and style of writing for uniformity. While we work on different chapters of the Ebook, we carry you along in every stage.

·         Reviews: while keeping in touch with you, we are quick to implement any changes you may desire and other additional improvements to produce the perfect Ebook.

·         Editing your Ebook: part of our team include members who are well experienced in editing and proof-reading ebooks to ensure you get an ebook that is 100% error-free and also meet up with your desire.

  • Cover design: The ebook cover determines the success of your Ebook irrespective of the content. Part of our team consists of graphics design specialists to give your Ebook a unique cover design that complements the content and also appeals to your audience.

In designing a creative cover design, our graphics designer team brainstorm, and explore every avenue in producing the best cover design to showcase your Ebook to the world.

  • Final review and delivery: the final draft is forwarded to you for the final review and amendment. We provide you with ample time to review the Ebook and give us the final nod.