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Copywriting services

Copywriting services

our copywriting services cut across newsletters, ebooks, whitepapers, landing page, etc. we have a team of skilled copywriters who specializes in creating contents to suit diverse needs.

Copywriting connects your target audience to your brand in a compelling way that convinces them to patronize your business.

Our copywriting services not only connects your business to your audience but also ensures that your business gets a high ranking in search engine result indexing.

Our copywriting team is made up of professional copywriters with different backgrounds ranging from technical, business, to non-technical backgrounds.

Features of our copywriting services

  • Our copywriting services helps you to create a clear message that communicates your core value to your target audience. Are you a startup or an evolving business? Patronize our copywriting services to get the best of copywriting services for your business.
  • Our copywriting services not only focuses on your business but focuses on your audience. Our copywriting services build audience confidence in your brand, knowing fully well that your business has what it takes to satisfy their needs.
  • Our copywriting team renders compelling copywriting services that translate to an increase in revenue generation for your business.

Our copywriting steps and processes

  • The consultation phase: in this phase, we do a quick review of your business to determine the copywriting services you will be needing. Once this is done, we provide you with a questionnaire to provide us with the necessary details and brief we need to work with.
  • The review phase: our team reviews carefully every piece of information gathered, interview with you to find out more about your goals, and the best copywriting strategies to employ in reaching your audience.
  • Unique selling point proposition: In this phase, our expert copywriting team craft a unique selling proposition for your business, capturing all that your business has to offer.
  • The drafting stage: our first draft is the basis for creating other drafts. We forward the first draft to you to guarantee maximum satisfaction. We also incorporate reviews made in the first draft before moving on with additional draft copies.
  • Proof-reading and edits: after the draft copies, our proof-reading and editing team review, proof-read and edit the draft copy thoroughly to ensure a 100% error-free draft before delivering the final copy.

What to expect from our copywriters

  • Well-researched and high-quality articles
  • Attractive writing tone and style
  • Error-free and convincing contents
  • Clear, concise and straightforward language
  • Optimized keywords usage
  • Timely delivery

Our copywriting services cover the following areas

  • Business writing which includes unique selling points, marketing strategies, brand awareness, direct mails, brochures, etc.
  • Technical copywriting: our technical copywriting covers technical aspects like white papers, procedures, user manuals, and guides.
  • SEO copywriting to enhance your business presence online by improving the visibility of your brand or business to your target audience. Our SEO copywriting covers social media, blogs, and web content.
  • Newsletters: we create newsletters that focus on keeping your audience up-to-date with relevant information and the latest developments in your business.
  • White papers: our whitepaper copywriting produces whitepaper that gives in-depth reporting persuasively and authoritatively.
  • Email writing services
  • Ebooks on any topic of your choice, etc.