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Content Writing Services in Nigeria

If you’re looking for highly experienced content writers in Nigeria to handle your next project, then hire us. As you already know, contents are one of the best ways you can reach out to your audience. It is a vital way of showcasing you to your audience, announcing your brand to the world, interacting with your audience, while earning the trust of your audience.

The quality of your article is key to driving your growth; hence, you need quality and niche-specific contents well written by professionals. Whether you need a blog writing service or in need of a professional to creatively write your copy, our content writers ensure that you get the best of articles, well written, and adapted to suit your needs.

Why hire professional content writers in Nigeria

At MoreWriters, we write high quality, SEO, informative, and unique articles that make you a top expert in your niche. We have an expert team of content writers in Nigeria that specializes in writing articles containing accurate, reliable, and relevant information well adapted to meet your needs.

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We at MoreWriters, being among the top content writers in Nigeria are experts at weaving articles with the perfect combination of keywords and addictive contents to drive organic traffic and also ensure high ranking in Google search engine index.

Also, our content writers in Nigeria give proper attention to details to ensure your articles build you the high credibility ratings for uniqueness and quality.

Our content writing services in Nigeria are characterized by the following:

  • Well-researched and high-quality articles
  • Attractive writing tone and style
  • Error-free and convincing contents
  • Clear, concise and straightforward language
  • Optimized keywords usage
  • Timely delivery

Articles created by our top content writers in Nigeria have the following advantages

  • High-quality contents for your audience
  • Our SEO articles have a high search index ranking on all search engines.
  • Our articles drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Articles written by our writers are SEO optimized to improve your rank on search engine result indexing

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Article writing process

Our expert team of Nigeria content writers churns out high-quality articles using proven methods. They have a well-structured, rigorous, but flexible process for producing high-quality articles that meets your needs.

  • The first step we take is to define the objective of your article. In doing this, we require a brief from you in defining the essence and the target audience.
  • The keywords concept: article writing is not about airing your views to the audience, but most importantly, about what the audience wants to read. We work with you to generate the right topics or themes to focus your articles on. After getting the right themes, we focus on sourcing for relevant keywords for your articles. In this step, we also review our keyword selection with you.

Our content writers in Nigeria will ensure that articles written for websites have a high keyword frequency to improve the ranking of your website on search engines.

Also, when creating syndication articles, we ensure that your syndication articles are well-optimized to scale through the guidelines of other article sites. We also ensure that inserted links are well planned.

  • The drafting process: in this step, we not only draft the final copy after reviewing the articles with you, but we also carry out article optimization by adding title tags, description tags, and H1 – H6 heading tags. For syndication articles, we ensure that we insert relevant links to link the keywords in your articles to the relevant webpages. At this stage, we include necessary biographies for all web pages.

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